Tartufi & Friends Rome

The truffle experience in all its forms, from the flavor of excellence

Via Borgognona

The Perfect Pairing of Luxury Shopping and Gastronomic Delights at Tartufi & Friends

Via Borgognona is the ideal destination for luxury shoppers, with its trendy boutiques, prestigious ateliers, and refined jewelry stores. A walk along this street means immersing yourself in the refined atmosphere of high fashion, discovering unique masterpieces and the latest trends.

Strategically located in this upscale setting, Truffles & Friends welcomes lovers of fine cuisine. Our restaurant blends harmoniously with the elegance of Via Borgognona, offering gastronomic delights that celebrate traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist.

The white truffle, the king of truffles

is the main ingredient in our dishes.

Reserve a table and discover the unique flavor of white truffles, accompanied by fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Raw material is our passion

Raw material is the basis of every dish, and we at Truffles & Friends know this well.
For this reason, we are committed to selecting only top-quality ingredients from local and national suppliers.

Italian tradition on the table

Italian cuisine is one of the most highly regarded in the world, and we at Tartufi & Friends want to offer our customers an authentic and fulfilling dining experience.

Among our most popular dishes are the classics of Italian cuisine, such as truffle pasta, truffle pizza, and truffle risotto.

A quality service

Good service is critical to creating a memorable dining experience. For this reason, our staff is always attentive to customers’ needs, and strives to provide quality service.

Via Borgognona

Welcome to Via Borgognona, the elegant setting parallel to Via dei Condotti, a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps. An exclusive shopping experience among the streets of Roman fashion, where history and style come together. A few steps away, Tartufi & Friends, the restaurant that celebrates traditional Italian cuisine with modern sophistication, awaits you.

Truffles are a precious and sought-after ingredient.


Our truffle products are made with the highest quality Italian ingredients for a unique and unforgettable flavor.

What they say about us



Good, all very good. Good food, good truffle (obviously black given the season). Courteous, courteous and punctual. Attentive and never intrusive service. Beautiful location in the splendid setting of one of the most beautiful Roman streets, a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps. Not too formal yet elegant context, appropriate prices. Very satisfied.



Excellence and Quality. Right in the center of Rome with very elegantly laid tables you are immersed in a journey characterized by unique flavors! SUBLIME Truffle Tagliolini. but not only……great quality meat, very good appetizers, very good desserts (eggnog with berries and Hazelnut Ice Cream…….SUPER). The service is of an optimolvel characterized by professionalism and kindness of all the staff. All accompanied by the owner who makes you feel at home. Fantastic.



Very friendly and professional The food is 5 star. Manager Alberto is someone you need to talk to. The waiters are friendly, funny. I’m in Rome for two days and only have dinner there. I will come back tomorrow. Thank you Alberto and staff.

A passion for truffles

A passion for truffles is the driving force behind Alberto Sermoneta’s initiation of Truffles & Friends.

Truffle is a special ingredient that gives dishes a unique and unforgettable flavor. It is a rare and valuable ingredient that requires a great deal of knowledge and mastery to be used to its fullest.

Alberto Sermoneta has spent years studying truffles, researching the best producers and experimenting with new recipes. His passion is reflected in the dishes, which are made with care and attention to detail.

“Tartufi&Friends Milano, a highly suggestive place where you can enjoy dishes such as Beef Knife Tartare, “Tartufi&Friends” Risotto with fresh truffles, meat and fish main courses, and decomposed tiramisu.”


“Three tasting menus with Norcia black truffle or white truffle: tradition, innovation and extravagance. They say it too, to make the truffle stand out, better simplicity.”

“The result is a soft space in which the truffle acts as a common thread, but not as a centralizing and catalyzing theme.”

“Truffles & Friends is not only white gold, well-executed dishes and a cellar that is up to the mark but also great customer care.”


“Truffles and Friends is a striking example of how truffles, more than fair prices and that oldstyle atmosphere can coexist, with a dash of elegant modernity sprinkled here and there.”


“An experience that engages all the senses for incredible enjoyment. This is how you eat at Tartufi & Friends in Corso Venezia.”

“Truffles&Friends is a venue with a confidential atmosphere with a British mood, elegant but not repulsive in which to spend every moment of the day, enjoying a unique experience that, in addition to food, offers product sales.”